Earth no Patio

Bordeaux, you’re like a faithful friend
a true companion to the end
ready to share our quiet leisure with your good offices and so
long life to our good friend Bordeaux!

It’s Recipes

Your ears spin in shapes of figure eights.

A person is mowing the lawn, you’re fixing your car and you notice there is something playing, it’s a podcast, and it sounds like something you’ve heard before, because you put it on. . .

Tie me up to a flogging doughnut and paint me with brandy-flavored chocolate ganache, sprinkle me with freeze dried coconut twirlers – and drive me around like a sled dog.


Speak softly and deliberately while you drive

pause – play – pause – play play

Your grandmother is laughing at you because you’re listening to this podcast, but she loves you anyways.

Have an interest in designer Tevas?

Listen to Earth no Patio while you browse.

there there

Earth no Patio is created by artist Benjamin Turner, to view other projects go to BENJAMINLTURNER.com
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